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Goal Setting
Extraordinary Skills - Wrong Job - No Focus

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Taking the Next Step
1. Does a member of your A-team have a blind spot holding him back?

2. Does your “rising star” need new behaviors to lead at the next level?

3. Are there leadership skills you need but have been afraid to ask for?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, call or email us in confidence us for a 30 minute consultation at no charge. 914-588-8243 or

Goal Setting

Extraordinary Skills - Wrong Job - No Focus

Leadership starts with goal-setting... the essential first step that demonstrates clarity of purpose, organizational insight, and strategic vision.

Pat is running eight, weekly goal-setting webinars starting Tuesday, Jan 25, 6:00-7:30 pm EST. The web and phone seminars are focused on goal-setting in career management. The result should be tighter focus and more defined career goals. Contact Pat at

The Case
Ronald (identity disguised) had several post graduate degrees and was in a career where he was not progressing. He had extraordinary skills of conflict management and relationship building, but felt stuck in his position in a public relations firm. Having difficulty expressing what he wanted, but knowing it was not what he had, he undertook goal setting with Pat.

What Happened in Goal Setting?
  • Through the Six Areas of Discovery and insightful feedback from his coach, he recalled his extraordinary success as a young adult in engaging and inspiring people. The coach helped him recall how deeply committed he was to making a difference in the world. They sifted through all his accomplishments and distilled his key competencies around which to build his goal. Linking these powerful insights to his marketplace survey, he set a goal... to become a government diplomat in the Middle East.

    This clarity brought renewed energy, focus and the tools to:
    * Tap into a very specific network for opportunities
    * Build a resume specifically designed to pinpoint his goal and showcase his deep strength in this area
    * Combine the insights and research into a compelling Elevator Pitch
    * Communicate clearly precisely what he was seeking and the reasons why he was a terrific fit for this position with confidence and conviction
    * Search for targeted opportunities

  • Result
    Due to this renewed focus, energy and conviction, Ronald obtained a US Government Foreign Service position in Egypt where he could grow to become the senior diplomat to which he aspired. .

    Does someone on your team have a leadership gap?
    Contact Pat Drew for direct and confidential answers.
“Pat is a thoughtful counselor and strategic advisor. She has strong insights in to how to address workplace issues, motivate staff and handle strategic communications for an internal audiece. Pat also brings a depth of experience in helping employers and their staff prepare for and manage secondments in foreign markets.”
Matt Harrington
President & CEO
July 2, 2010