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Overseas Assignments
Online Training online training Available to clients anytime, anywhere on the web. "What Others Have Experienced" is a favorite. Other modules include energy management, spiritual resources, return and re-entry.
Cultural Training online training There are always cultural necessities. You simply have to know them in advance. PDCO offers country-specific training.

Three proven steps improve success rates

the heart of "best practice"

Unnecessary failures tanslate into lost markets and compromised timelines.

Three proven management processes improve the odds of success.

PDCO offers the critical cost-effective services on a per-employee or group basis.

#1 Pre-Departure Briefing

Support systems, family, friends, relatonships, tension relievers and personal ecology reset when executives go overseas. A two-hour review on the phone (or in person) uncovers pressure points. The result is a defined set of important support systems for the traveler and family. Assignments with million dollar stakes have been saved with a few hours of advanced preparation.

#2 Assignment Support

By phone and with a global network of resources, the PDCO team supports executives on assignment when needed. Family crisis, traumatic events and changing organizational dynamics are solvable problems that can threaten success if left unresolved. PDCO offers 24/7 crisis and trauma intervention.

#3 Re-Entry Briefing

Returning home can be the most difficult transition for executives and journalists. Pat and her team help plan in advance and head off the most common problems. Planning starts with the individual but involves the whole organization as a way to harvest important new insights and retain talent.

"The feedback we receive from editors and reporters is overwhelmingly positive".

Bill Keller,

Executive Editor
The New York Times