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Is the management team resilient?

Is it up to the task of managing in a new environment?

Are there underlying family or personal dynamics that might interfere?

Private Equity Consulting

Assessing Risk

Assessing Risk

Pat assesses potential acquisitions for private equity clients, focusing on the dynamics between executives and their management teams. Since many acquisition targets are family-owned that often means exploring family dynamics as well.

The central question is often readiness. Is the potential acquisition ready to synchronize its interests with the needs of the future enterprise?


Executive Leadership

Personal vision. Leadership capabilities. Expectations for the partnership.

Team Effectiveness

Working atmosphere, role clarity, decision making, strategic thinking, conflict management.

Organizational Effectiveness

What kinds of relationships are modeled? Are people held accountable? How compatible is this culture with the culture of the purchasing company?

Family Assessment

Ways in which personal and family dynamics impact goals of the investing partners.


Private Equity
People Risk

Hidden Risks

Silent Partners

Early Evaluation

Rapid Transition


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Team Alignment