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Team Alignment
"Managing global customers across products, business units, geographic regions, cultures, and time zones... Pat Dew is a valued member of the faculty, imparting her expertise in handling challenging assignments with a pedagogic style that forces participants to grapple with tough questions about their global customers and their own organizations."

Noel Capon, Professor
Graduate School of Business
Columbia University

Smoothly Functioning Teams

Communication | Horizontal Structure | Responsibility & Authority

Team Alignment

Cohesive teams operate in a less hierarchical, more collaborative way. Roles and responsibilities are understood. Accountability is clear. The result is accelerated problem solving, faster time-to-market and a shared set of high-level management skills.

Roles, Goals and Teamwork

The best teams understand the mission, are clear on roles and relationships, and value success over the defense of personal turf.

Stronger Communication Skills

Team members are trained in communication skills. They develop a shared set of high-level skills and become expert in confronting conflict quickly and successfully.

Roadblocks to Success

The team develops the ability to understand change and adjust its methods as it encounters roadblocks to success.


Aligned teams are far more willing and able to operate in a "flat" organizational structure and achieve results more rapidly.

Pat is a senior consultant with Guttman Development Strategies, the leading strategic resource for team alignment.