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Leader of People or Individual Contributor?

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1. Does a member of your A-team have a blind spot holding him back?

2. Does your “rising star” need new behaviors to lead at the next level?

3. Are there leadership skills you need but have been afraid to ask for?

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The Right Fit

Leader of People or Individual Contributor?

Robert was the best engineer in the supply chain business and had steady promotions over 15 years.

Now charged with overseeing 70 people, people complained to him that they never saw him, he was always in his office, and they were not receiving clear instructions.

Fearful of failing, he welcomed coaching as an opportunity to identify his strengths, build better relationships and hold others accountable.

What happened in the coaching?
The coach did a "360" assessment, soliciting confidential feedback from his colleagues and prepared a feedback report for him highlighting his strengths and areas for development. She provided him structured exercises to assess his passions and key skills.

Through this deep dive assessment with her, he discovered he loved the analytic work, "coming up with the brilliant solution," and preferred delegating the team management to a very able second in command. He learned in the coaching how to gain his manager's support for his new role and reorganized his team.

Robert was relieved to let go of the team leadership and concentrate on what he did best. His drive and excitement about the work returned. The firm was delighted to preserve his exceptional talent and creativity without which they could not succeed.

Does someone on your team have a leadership gap?
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“Pat is a thoughtful counselor and strategic advisor. She has strong insights in to how to address workplace issues, motivate staff and handle strategic communications for an internal audiece. Pat also brings a depth of experience in helping employers and their staff prepare for and manage secondments in foreign markets.”
Matt Harrington
President & CEO
July 2, 2010