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Behind Leadership
Great business leaders make their talent appear natural and easy. It’s not.

All leadership, no matter the talent, is learned, practiced and constantly refined.

If you feel a need to improve your skills read on. Our cases will help to de-mystify the process and provide rare glimpses into the coaching experience.

The Warrior Learns to Listen:
Getting out of the Weeds

The Right Fit:

Leader of People or Individual Contributor?

Goal Setting
Extraordinary Skills - Wrong Job - No Focus

Too Good to Let Go:
From Trader to Leader

Brilliant and Poised to Fail:
Taking Feedback

Career is Stalled:
Achieving Confidence

From Corporate Attorney to Startup CEO:
Taking the Next Step


Representative at the launch of the Women in Public Service Project organized by Hillary Clinton, and the Seven Sister Colleges.

Delegate at the launch of Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit.

Featured speaker on the successful panel Role of the Media in Advancing Gender Equality moderated by Lynn Sherr, ABC, at the first WPSP Institute at Wellesley.

At Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Pat coached young women interns on Resilience at NGO’s projects around the world.

Pat recently organized a panel of powerful women leaders to speak on the subject of "Security in the Digital Age" for the Five College Women's Studies Research Center at Mt. Holyoke College.

Solutions for High Functioning
Individuals & Teams

Team Alignment Executive Coaching

Pat works with Guttman Development Strategies, the leading consulting firm in the area of senior team alignment. Team alignment structures roles, responsibilities, and goal oriented behavior in senior teams.

Alignment helps identify barriers and teaches a common set of skills. The result is faster response, better results and clear paths to profitability.

Private Equity
Assessing Risk

Pat assesses potential acquisitions for private equity clients, focusing on the dynamics between executives and their management teams.

Since many acquisition targets are family-owned that often means exploring family dynamics as well.


The central question is often readiness. Is the potential acquisition ready to synchronize its interests with the needs of the future enterprise?





About 20% to 40% of overseas assignments fail... the vast majority due to issues of personal readiness.

Pat and her team brief executives and their families before departure, coach them on assignment and help resolve issues of re-entry.

The result is a much higher success rate on assignments critical to success in the global business environment.